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Tanya Hypnocoach
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by:- Nik Aneychik onTanya Hypnocoach
Really love it!

Tatiana is an awesome hypnotherapist. Just after two sessions, my asthmatic bronchitis is gone and I don't have this annoying and debilitating cough anymore! She used regression techniques and I went easily to the past life connected to my issue. Great results. Thank you again for the amazing job!

by:- Veranika onTanya Hypnocoach
Amazing experience

A huge thanks post! I have met Tatiana only three times so far, but this was enough to bring me back to life! I lived for a year and a half in constant fear and I did not want anything! But now I am full of strength to move forward! I feel the joy of life again! Tatiana is not only a great professional in her field, Tatiana is a human being with a huge heart! A ray of light and energy that helps you to believe in miracles again! I am immensely grateful to you Tatyana for your kindness and help! God bless you!

by:- Ilze onTanya Hypnocoach
Superb Past Life Regression Session

I have had a couple of past life regression sessions but have not been able to visualise anything until I had a session with Tanya. It was a phenomenal experience that i have longed for. I learned what my life lesson was in that life which had a surprising impact on my present life. It answered a lot of questions that i had and explained incidents that occurred and gave them meaning. I now know what I need to focus on in my life. Thank you Tanya ❤

by:- Radwan Bou imad onTanya Hypnocoach

I was in a bad shape (felt anxiety , uncertainty in life ) and I met through a friend Tatiana for some help (hypnosis sessions) and I did with her some tapping sessions and regressions . I can confess that she was beautifully helpful to reduce my tension/anxiety , and took me in a nice way to some previous lives, and I’m better now after I knew the reason of this life...

Radwan Bou imad

by:- Gulnara Khizbullina onTanya Hypnocoach
It has been a life changing experience

Tania is an excellent therapist and beautiful human being who genuinely cares about her patients.

I started taking sessions with Tania when I was going through a very stressful moments in life and as a result developed few health issues .

Just after a few session of hypnotherapy where we aimed on healing the stomach my pain started going away, especially as I continued self-hypnoses that Tania taught me.

I'm so grateful for her continuous support and encouragement , it has been a life changing experience to have meet her.

Gulnara Khizbullina

by:- Alexandra Kapustina onTanya Hypnocoach

I’m writing you to share my first experience of hypnotherapy.

First time I contacted Tatiana I was confused and didn’t completely understand the roots of my anxiety ..

I was struggling with panicking attacks.

After first session I start understanding why I had my anxiety. Second session bring me some clarity about my life and anxiety.
I was impressed with my experience with Tatiana and I was completely blown away by how helpful and kind she was and how fast she was at getting back to me! A lot of people don’t realize how important it is to have administration like Tatiana. The first point of contact is crucial!

As I’m not living in Dubai and I hope to see Tatiana again to experience the session again in order to open new borders.

Alexandra Kapustina

by:- Anjum Muhammad onTanya Hypnocoach
She is truly gifted practitioner with INCREDIBLE positive energy

"I had the pleasure of receiving some wonderful sessions from Tanya Parsons,

She worked with me to a number of areas all with successful outcomes.

She is truly gifted practitioner with INCREDIBLE positive energy, She is highly talented, empathetic and totally professional.

Anjum Muhammad

by:- Imran onTanya Hypnocoach
I started feeling much better about myself

Dear Tatiana ,

Before September 2018 I was a smoker with over 20 years of experience and a few attempts to stop smoking which I could hold for a very short period of time ...

Can’t believe that only 5 to 6 sessions with you can helped me a lot that not only make me stop smoking completely but changed my lifestyle to healthy, and I started love to exercise also, I feel much better performance in my workout routine as well, now when I sit with my friends who still smoke, I feel much better that I don’t like even the smell of cigarettes and I never feel like to get this smoking habit again in my life, I don’t have to stay away from the people who smoke, I can easily gather with them without having any feeling to smoke.

Sessions with you were emotional and revealed some traumatic events from my past ..
The therapy gave me some lightness and self-acceptance ..
I started feeling much better about myself ..
I am so happy I have been a non-smoker for nearly 7 months now!!

Thank you very much

by:- Nissa Rahim onTanya Hypnocoach
I felt an amazing

Hi Tanya,
Thanks so much for the sessions you did for me for weightloss, I felt an amazing shift after the sessions. I was so surprised at how profound the sessions were and what strage things came out of my mind somehow resonating with my current story.

Thank you so much for the sessions you are an amazing therapist.

I lost 7 kg which was my desired target 🙂

Nissa Rahim

by:- Carla Julian onTanya Hypnocoach
I highly recommend such enriching ...

Working with Tanya for roughly the last three months has been a fascinating journey into my roots, personal & family relationships, dealing with & learning about emotions, as well as guiding me towards a healthier understanding about myself & my mission in this life time.

We have worked with a combination of different techniques, such as organ regeneration to address hernia healing in my front abdominal wall, involving deep analysis of the causalities & post work on brain cell rewiring through meditation & affirmation techniques to help improve the injury & avoid surgical intervention.

It was very emotional & touching to cry out old tears & release trapped, suppressed energy as we worked on grief from family loss & come to a better understanding of self-forgiveness and peace making on all layers & levels.

The most fascinating session for me has so far been past life regression, since this topic has always intrigued me... I have continued to make connections & gathered a better acknowledgement of those who are closely connected to me in this life, who come from past lives.

Hypnotherapy is an intense & demanding process; one has to be ready & open to go deep into the past & bring back buried memories of pleasant & perhaps not so pleasant experiences. The feeling can be rather awkward, however worthwhile if you are committed & willing to work it out!

I highly recommend such enriching, self-growth and healing experience through hypnosis work with Tanya.

Carla Julian